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March 3, 2012

by: Ankur Parveen Dang, our Modern School New Delhi friend.

Fatima is screaming, her tears are rolling down her cheeks and her mother is angry...

"Stop screaming girl, it didn't hurt so much. You are lying"

Fatima replies through her sobs in heart wrenching stammers -" I didn't want them to cut me up. It hurt so much. Why mother ?"

"It will protect your virtue. It is because of that wretched organ called the clitoris that women get tempted into sin. Now you are a nice muslim girl. You won't go lusting after men. Only your husband, my dear daughter. and what men do to their wives is painful, but you won't feel the pain. That bit was removed today. Come along now. There is work to be done. Come, help me out a bit"

Fatima is 15 years old. She lives in Egypt. This morning, she underwent her circumcision. The girl did not know it would hurt so much. Heck, she didn't even know what it was until she realized that the most sensitive part of her genitalia was being pulled out with moderately sharp forceps and without anesthesia. She tried breaking free from the iron grip of the women who held her down, but it just aggravated the pain. Right now, her groin is so sore that she'd rather die than bear the pain. All women fear sexual abuse.

I can tell you from some personal experience that this is worse. You cannot even begin to comprehend how much it hurts. Let me give you an analogy. If a red hot steel knife is slowly pushed under your fingernail while you are held down, it hurts worse than that, female circumcision, female genital mutilation. And it is done in the name of islam. It is justified by well known muftis and clerics. you want proof. I'll give it to you.

It is not there in the Quran my sisters and brothers. Allah SWT says in his holy book that he made us perfect. It is kufr if we ruin the perfection in the name of religion. Did Allah SWT ask women to not find pleasure. Are we meant to be sex slaves to our husbands. Is BDSM a lifestyle that we have been forced to lead in the garb of religion. And are we blaming Allah SWT for that ? There is a reason, why Eve was created from Adam's rib......
Under his arm to be protected....
blood of his blood and bone of his bone, so she'd be garment unto him and he'd be garment unto her......Beside his heart to be loved......

Think about it brothers and sisters......Islam tells us that no matter where, no matter what, We are the Ummah and what happens to another sister is as much our concern as it is hers.

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